The memo supplements and concentration are products surrounded by a mysterious aura.

The reason is because you never know, objectively, if they are useful or not.

In this article we answer precisely these questions, from a SCIENTIFIC point of view .

Are study supplements effective?

Can Student Memory Supplements Really Help?

Which ingredients or vitamins should we prefer?

Memory and concentration: what influences them

Concentration “ is the voluntary ability to fix the thought on an object or on the fulfillment of a predetermined gesture or action which is elaborated by one’s mind ”.

Let us see how energy supplements can help maintain high standards in case of prolonged physical or mental performance. But in the case of memory supplements, concentration or study supplements, the focus is essentially on the cognitive enhancement aspect nootropics.

Concentration is an act of the mind desired by the subject and necessarily implies the will (voluntary attention). It should not be confused with attention , which is instead a typical passive and instinctive process of the brain. We have always heard that having a good memory is a great fortune . But, nowadays, the amount of stimuli we continually receive is staggering, often stressing the information storage process. Scientific studies have shown how, in situations of excessive stimulation, the mind limits itself to “not recording” information of little interest. So we find ourselves distinguishing two types of memory:

The long-term memory , which is mainly engaged placing in store of all data and information

The short-term memory , which deals with temporarily retain essential information considered only for a short time, later becoming irrelevant.

But having made these considerations, what are the other causes that affect memory and the ability to concentrate, creating big problems? And what are the best ways to improve our memory? It often happens to feel tired from a mental point of view, and this leads to a decrease in memory capacity and also difficulty in concentration, due to excessive time spent in cognitive efforts.