Organizations can use explainer videos to deliver the message that their viewers want to hear. Explainer videos will help you meet the needs in a straightforward manner if you also want to improve your retention rate by clarifying unknown concepts. If you want to improve your retention rate by clarifying unfamiliar concepts, explainer videos can help you do so quickly.


Animated explainer videos are made for a variety of purposes, both important and minor. It’s an incredible tool that works wonders for both internal and external communication. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why businesses like explainer videos.

  1. Attracts the Attention of the Audience.
  2. Simple Explanation of Difficult Concepts.
  3. SEO to Increase Web Traffic.
  4. Restores the consumer’s perception.
  5. Make an effort to attract mobile users.
  6. Increase your Conversion Rate.
  7. Establish a connection and establish a relationship.
  8. Increased likelihood of going viral.
  9. Suitable for use on social media, blogs, and emails, as well as television commercials.

Types of Explainer Video:

  • Corporate Explainer Videos: Explainer videos for businesses are helpful in communicating a company’s story. Animated video explainers are typically used to tell brand-related stories such as the company’s history, a rebranding, the opening of a new office, how a business works, or other similar themes. Creating captivating corporate video explainers can aid in the branding of your company.
  • Sales Explainer Videos: Sales video explainers are generally accompanied by other sales content, a sales landing page, or other comparable transactions materials because they are focused on completing sales.
  • Education Explainer Videos:An animated explainer video for education can assist any company in disseminating educational material to a specific audience. One could make an instructive video explainer to outline a math formula or a chemical equation, for example. Schools, teachers, and other education professionals can benefit greatly from educational videos.
  • Training Videos: Training Videos are a great way for clients or staff to learn something new. One can make an explainer animation movie that demonstrates how to utilise one of your products to consumers or users. One can also use a training explanation video to teach certain skills to your employees, such as safety precautions or customer service procedures.
  • Corporate Culture Videos: The importance of corporate culture in brand development cannot be overstated. An organisational culture explanation can assist you in defining, communicating, and promoting your company’s culture both internally and publicly. Corporate culture video explainers are especially important for fast growing businesses that need to keep their corporate culture consistent as they expand.
  • Marketing Videos: Any firm can benefit from a marketing video as a promotional tool. One may use a marketing explainer film to integrate these characteristics into your marketing efforts because animation explainers are often brief, catchy, and memorable. A marketing video can be used to advertise both new and existing items, and it can be distributed via any marketing channel.

Other Types of Explainer Videos includes:

  • Video Screencast.
  • Video with 2D Animated Characters.
  • 2D Motion Graphics.
  • Whiteboard Animation Video.
  • 3D Animation Video.
  • Live Action.

Software used by Explainer Video:

Thus, an explainer video is a short-animated video that focuses on explaining complicated problems, enterprise concepts, and product/service ideas to human beings in an easy manner. It takes complicated theories and boils them down into a collection of easy notions that are effortless to understand.