Industrial electronics are a huge tool on the factory floor. It allows you to make the production process quick and work with greater precision. It is possible to use some electronics for aiding or monitoring other electronics.

However, electronics may also be prone to breakdowns and malfunctions as any other machinery that needs industrial electronic repairs. Once the electronics have stopped working, it is not easy to know what to do. There are also the same factors making them so efficient and precise on the job makes them complex and intricate devices to repair.

Testing and repair services

There is a wide range of industrial electronic equipment, which keeps you informed during the whole process. The equipment will be repaired transparently to not hide anything from you. So, if you are a customer and want to ask for an industrial electronic repair, the process is transparent. Some updates during the process on the status of the devices and maintains a standard repairing and testing procedure for all equipment.

The procedure uses guaranteed true load testing and engineered tests across the 2 main stages of the repair process.

Guaranteed true load testing

The performance characteristics of an electronic, such as motor, circuit board, power supply, and variable frequency drive will change. It depends on when tested under a load. All the electronics are made to perform at a particular rating. If you are not testing it properly, failure might be hidden, which leads to downtime.

industrial electronic repairs

The characteristics are constantly developing the test stands. With this, it ensures that after the repair, the device works at its full capabilities after being installed. Several tests may include the following:

  • Power load banks
  • Drive dynamometers
  • Motor dynamometers
  • Dynamic resistive loads

The drive testing

Once a motor control is repaired, all the control functions of the unit are checked and verified. Final testing is done in two different stages:

  1. Drive is installed on the motor.
  2. It is carefully monitored to trace possible abnormal changes.

The dynamometers

After the initial testing is completed, the drive will be installed on the dynamometer to its size. The dynamometer is a specialized braking device using two motors together. Dynamometers are installed well to make sure that the driver will function according to its work

These are performed by a reliable industrial electronic repairman. A possible problem may arise but when you bring this problem to the professional one who is an expert on the field, it will be repaired successfully.