As a large number of people want to travel abroad for vacations, many of them will be turned down owing to visa application errors. Many readily preventable blunders have been committed by visa candidates, according to certain family and partner visa specialists in the visa area. Some of the more popular ones are listed below, and you must be informed about them as you do not lose out on reaching your desired location with your loved ones.

  • Match information in the application with the authorized documents: While completing out a visa application form, candidates must provide all of the needed details, in the format specified, and in accordance with their travel documents. Incorrect information on the visa application form, like the applicant’s name, card number, or born date being not matching the information in the passports, is a typical blunder. Although this may seem self-evident, most individuals usually write details that contradict their legal records or evidence of identification. If the person’s first and last names are put in opposite order on official papers, any other spelling would result in your visa being granted with inaccurate information.
  • Verify the country’s precise checklist: When bringing in whole flawless applications, a checklist is a useful tool. Among the most common pitfalls candidates commit is failing to consult the checklists or defined checklists for visa applications, resulting in the omission of important papers while submission.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that various nations have varying needs for documents. Mostly on VFS Global communications sections, a vacation spot, the personalized checklist is easily accessible, providing all of the papers necessary for a visa application towards that particular country. Even single missing documentation might make the application ineligible. While applying for a visa, double-check the details that have to be supplied against the country-specific checklists. You can avoid such missed by approaching family and partner visa specialists.

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  •  Get your bank statements attested: Candidates in some countries are required to produce financial records that have been officially certified. Although it is standard practice to present financial records, and most people are conscious of this need, failing to get these financial records verified is a typical mistake. It is critical to producing certified bank statements that indicate your financial flexibility for the trip and also your creditworthiness.
  • Cutting it too close to the date of travel: Every nation has a varied processing period for visa applications, which fluctuates, based on the high traveling periods. Travelers frequently delay their visa applications to the very last moment, giving little time to carefully examine the checklists and verify that all requirements are completed. 


Hope the above tips will be helpful and you will not make any mistakes while applying for a visa.