The gin & tonic is simply elegant, yet since the mixer makes up most of the drink, many are riding on the tonic. Fortunately, many Australian tonic water and quality quinine-flavored offerings include syrups, you only need to know what you are looking for. Australia’s gin revolution is continuously growing. Spicy, fruity, delicious, and earthy, the variation of flavor profiles is now available from local distillers. Not all tonics are made equally and the one you use can have a great influence on the taste of your G&T.

While juice and soft drinks are refreshing, tonic water is a great replacement. It has a distinct taste and is known to cool the body. Tonic water is healthy since it is a good source of quinine, and it is also effective to treat malaria. It has sugar that can offer a boost of energy. Yet, it is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Be familiar with the best tonic waters for gins

Australian tonic water

There are various brands of tonic water on the market, yet not all of them are made equally. When choosing the ideal tonic water for your gin, you have to pay attention to the quality and ingredients of the product. The best tonic waters will need an excellent quality quinine content, it provides the drink its unique bitter taste. It usually has a higher sugar content compared to other types of tonic water, this aids to balance out the gin’s flavor.

When picking tonic water, it’s vital to read the label and make sure it doesn’t have any extra flavors or sweeteners. These can sometimes cover the taste of the gin and make it less enjoyable. If you prefer to get the most out of the gin, you need to select high-quality tonic water that will blend its flavors.


  • Strangelove No. 8 is Australian-made tonic water that mixes cinchona extract. To offer a well-rounded bitterness strengthen by lemon peel and fresh orange and the country’s ample craft gins.

East Imperial

  • East Imperial has been well-known among bartenders and Kiwi connoisseurs for more than ten years. They are devoted to respecting both modern and conventional tonic water styles. For those who prefer robust and potent flavors. There are the Yuzu and ultra-premium tonics. Yet, gin connoisseurs usually choose the old-world tonic, which has complements and has half less sugar the flavors of modern flavored gins better.


  • Since it provides a variety of tonics to go with different gins. Fever-Tree Tonic water has grown quickly to become the ideal tonic for upscale establishments and connoisseurs everywhere.


  • Since Fentimans is a British firm with more than a century of experience making botanical soft drinks. They usually provide seven unique tonic waters that will suit all tastes.