The cost of living is rising at a rapid pace. This means that more seniors are likely to need some kind of help in order to keep up with the costs. Independent senior living is an option for those who want to live somewhere without the restrictions and rules of institutionalized care and still enjoy activities, outings, entertainment, etc. While not all independent senior living facilities offer all these attractions, they do provide many opportunities for cost-effective care without having to worry about their budget.

Affordable Housing

The first benefit of independent senior living facilities is that many offer affordable housing. independent senior living costs are a significant part of most budgets, and not just the senior’s. Seniors will find some independent senior living rooms to be less costly than a typical apartment or condo. The more luxurious rooms may have meals, housekeeping services, utilities, etc., included in the cost of the room. Others may require seniors to provide for their own meals and perhaps pay for utilities or housekeeping as well.

Meal Preparation

Another great benefit is the meal preparation. There are a number of independent senior living facilities that offer meals that can be paid for by the residents or covered by the facility. These are often residents who do not want to deal with meal preparation or they just do not feel well enough to do so.

Social Activities

Social activities are a huge part of independent senior living facilities. Many offer entertainment such as movies and special events at no extra charge. Others allow seniors to participate in activities surrounding the facility, such as going out to eat at restaurants, picnics, etc., for free or at a reasonable cost.


Transportation is another value offered by independent senior living facilities. Many offer transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, shopping, entertainment, financial institutions, etc. These services are usually at no extra charge to the senior or at a very low cost.

Maintaining Housing

Residents of independent senior living facilities may find that their housing has an excellent maintenance staff to help keep their home in good condition. Maintenance may include helping seniors find ways to save on utility bills, such as a CFL bulb when regular light bulbs no longer work. In addition, there may be training classes for seniors with regard to maintaining their residences in better condition and how best to do so.


In senior living communities, residents may find that they have a lot of down-time. This can be great for seniors who enjoy spending time alone or with friends or family. They may also use the down-time to learn new things, such as computer training or other classes offered by the facility. Also, there are many community activities throughout most independent senior living facilities that are free or are low-cost and that seniors can get involved in and enjoy.