A laundry sink is also called a laundry sink or utility. It can be a major convenience when you have the space for one in the home. The sinks are useful for handwashing clothes, eliminating stains, or cleaning up the house. Several sizes are available, including a laundry trough, laundry sinks, large laundry tubs, double laundry tubs, or troughs.

The simplest laundry sinks are:

  • Standalone
  • Floor-mounted utility sinks

There are plentiful options of sizes, styles, and materials to choose from for laundry tubs or sinks. When picking a perfect laundry sink, you must make a comparison.

Considering installation style

When speaking about laundry sinks, there are different options on the types of tubs from their different installation styles. There are four several options to pick from the installation style for a laundry sink. These include the drop-in, wall-mounted, under-mounted, portable, and floor-standing.

  • Drop-in. An installation style for a laundry sink is referred to as over-mount or self-rimming sinks. These are sinks that are fitted to a hole that is cut in the countertop. The sink sits below the counter with the rim of the sink, which remains above. The style is very easy to install.

laundry trough

A drop-in sink usually works well with most surfaces or countertops in a laundry room.

  • Undermount. The under-mount-style laundry sinks are installed underneath the counter for the countertop to completely cover the sink’s edges. The installation style gives the sink a contemporary look and is easy to clean. Wiping things in the utility sink from the counter is easy. Some under-mount laundry sinks have matching covers to cover the sink.
  • Floor-standing and wall-mounted. These are types of utility sinks that can be installed away from the countertops. The installation style is beneficial when having messy washing tasks, which makes the countertops dirty.

Pick the ideal material!

One of the great factors to choose the perfect laundry sink is the material. consider the popular options for the utility sinks:

  • Cast iron
  • Acrylic
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless steel

Stainless steel laundry sink

Easy to clean and lightweight, stainless steel sinks can be a classic go-to for utility and laundry rooms. The sink has an industrial look and feels a perfect fit for a more functional space. However, take note that the stainless steel laundry sink or tub can be loud when hit by water.

Choosing a stainless steel laundry sink keeps you from cleaning rust and causing corrosion. You are free from all these stubborn stains while keeping the laundry sink clean and elegant. When you try to visit big hotels and restaurants, you will notice that all of these establishments are choosing stainless steel materials for sinks and tubs.

If you are going to shop for this kind, check the quality laundry trough or tub.