The Prologue

Depression is the state of dejected mood to an activity that affects a person’s thinking ability. Generally, it is a temporary effect of some form of failure or loss incurred by a person and gets healed with time. But in some cases, it gets very serious and induces devastating effects like suicidal tendencies, mental disorders, violence, and even extends to injuring oneself. Family, psychotherapy, and drug treatment are some of the treatment methods of depression. Treatment using Cannabidiol(CBD) oil is a common method to deal with depression issues. Hence, our article’s main aim is to describe the working of CBD oil against depression and the best CBD oil for anxiety currently used commercially.

Some misnomers

It is a general misnomer that cannabis is the one-step solution to any problem related to depression. Due to its ease of access, there has been an alarming rise in addiction caused due to the illegal consumption of marijuana and THC. Hence this misnomer needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

CBD oil is a purified and researched product released commercially after several clinical trials and works effectively, unlike raw marijuana. Hence one needs to remove the misconception that CBD oil is only formed of marijuana and can be substituted by it to deal with issues of depression.

From this article, we wanted to make our readers aware of the best CBD oil for anxiety available in the market and hope that it aids them in choosing the best.