PAT testing, or portable device testing, ensures that gadgets fulfill defined security criteria. A first visual assessment will get performed to assess the condition of the equipment and wiring. Then the insulating standard, ground continuity, and contact with exposed metal are tested. PAT test kits of varieties are available to establish security levels, to get more information Click here. A PAT tester should be able to test ground continuity, insulation resistance, and trunk wiring. Most PAT testers, however, do not enable connection to the mains.

What Are the Various Types of PAT Testers?

There are numerous function levels on the PAT test instrument. The basic PASS/FAIL kits are simple to use and reasonably priced. They are the favored choice for many firms since they display whether or not a piece of electrical equipment has passed the test. Testers that get powered by the mains must be with a power supply. However, because of their mobility and convenience, self-contained battery versions are suitable for big building sites. They usually feature simple lighting systems that show whether or not the electrical equipment passed the test. For detailed knowledge on PAT testers Click here.

Basic PAT Test Kits:

The Basic PAT test set also allows you to set:

  • Earth continuity
  • Resistance to insulation
  • Polarity

Advanced PAT Test Kits:

Basic PAT testers do not display all electrical test results nor allow you to set up tests or save data. They are, however, frequently the best alternative for rapid and straightforward electrical test results. The following features are with the Advanced PAT Test Kits:

  • Fuse Examination
  • Wire Polarity Check
  • Portable RCD Wire Tester
  • Adjustable PASS Test Boundaries
  • Test for Mains and Substitute Leakage Current