A water tank is one of important two products in Polymaster, which is made of a combination of different materials and has special merits. The materials they select are 8 kinds, among them; the inner material Polyurethane has high moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, anti-aging ability, non-freezing durability, etc.


They are not an ordinary plastics company


It is not an ordinary plastics company. They are a specialty plastics company. They’re unique in this business. All their products are custom made, and they have more than 700 of them.

They don’t sell plastics they design and engineer products to meet customers’ needs. Their engineers work closely with customers to develop and perfect new applications for their product line, or to improve the design of an existing product.Polymaster is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-quality, environmentally friendly rainwater tanks for commercial, agricultural, and residential applications.


The Polymaster Group has been manufacturing quality plastic products since 1979 and today Polymaster is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high quality, environmentally friendly rainwater tanks for commercial, agricultural, and residential applications.Polymasters’ success can be directly attributed to their team of over 150 employees who live by their core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and improvement that drives their business every day.


Technically speaking, they have a polymer processor that extrudes solid-rod shapes and hollow-tube shapes from a variety of plastic materials. The rods and tubes are then fabricated into finished products by other companies who use them as raw materials for their products.The company founders who became partners in the business after meeting in a plastics engineering course at the University of Oregon several years earlier. Both men had worked for years in the plastics industry before forming their own company.


Polymaster has great leaders and a great team


The most important thing about Polymaster is that it has great leaders. They are proud to be a part of this team. With so much experience and expertise, they are sure that Polymaster will continue to grow from strength to strength. In the past, they have seen how the team has not only been able to deliver excellent results but have also done it with immense passion and commitment.They have been impressed by the leadership qualities of everyone in the team and they are convinced that they are all capable of taking on more challenges and responsibilities. They believe that Polymaster has a great future ahead of it and they look forward to being a part of its growth story. Polymaster’s success is due to its great leaders and team members. Polymaster’s profits have grown steadily in the last few years. Polymaster’s team members are hard-working and motivated. Polymaster has a great technological edge in the industry. It has developed many patents. Its products are more efficient than those of its competitors.