Vijay Thalapathy, also known as Vijay, is one of the most famous Tamil actors, playback singer, philanthropist and dancer who is also one of the highest-paid actors in the country. If you are one of his fans, you can watch some of his evergreen movies on Aha.

Movies of Thalapathy like Ghilli, Madhurey, and Nerrukkul ner have made the audience love his performance. If you are looking for Thalapathy’s Tamil action movies list, head to Aha’s OTT platform. In this guide, we will discuss some of Vijay’s best movies to watch on Aha.

Best Vijay Thalapathy Movies on Aha

If you are looking to watch the best Vijay Thalapathy movies, there is no better platform than Aha. Some of the evergreen Vijay movies on Aha’s OTT platform are as follows:

  • Ghilli

This 2004 movie stars Vijay Thalapathy, Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidhyarthi and many more. The director of this film is Dharani, and the story revolves around Velu, an aspiring Kabaddi player who goes to Madurai to participate in a regional match. There he saves Dhanalakshmi (Trisha Krishnan) from a powerful man who wants to marry her against her wishes.

  • Madhurey

This is another 2004 Tamil action movie starring Vijay Thalapathy from the Tamil action movies list. The film also stars Sonia Agarwal, Rakshita, Pashupathy, Seetha and many others and is directed by R. Madhesh. The film is about Maureyvel, an honest IAS officer who looks to clean up crime in his city. He soon tussles with a don who operates a different law enforcement system.

  • Nerrukel Ner

Nerrukel Ner is a 1997 movie that stars Vijay Thalapathy, Surya, Simran, Kausalya, Prakash Raj and many more. In this film, Shanti looks to divorce Raghu when he confesses having an affair with another woman. This leads to a fight between Vijay and Surya, who are Raghu’s and Shanti’s brothers. The director of this Tamil movie is Vasanth.

Watch the Best Vijay Thalapathy Movies on Aha.

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