Regarding accessorizing for a wedding, your dress is the base layer. To create an outfit that fits the occasion and coordinates with the bride’s, start from the ground up. A blue dress can help you feel confident and beautiful. What better way to make a big entrance than in the perfect dress? But first, let’s talk about the best dresses for the wedding season.

The classic sheath is always a good bet.

Try a lace sheath or one with beading details like cut-outs or lace appliques for something less traditional. If you’re into blue dresses, this is also the year to wear them! Be sure to pair your short style with trendy over-the-knee boots, sandals, or both! A great way to show off your shoes? Pair your dress with some statement earrings and a clutch.

Pair your blue dress with accessories.

The next thing you need to consider is your dress’s colour. If you want something traditional and conservative, choose your wedding dress in blue. For something more daring, go a little edgier, like navy blue. Another option is to wear a neutral and pair it with accessories that make the dress pop.

Accessorize your blue dress with jewellery.

If you want to accessorize to complete the look of your wedding gown, consider adding some jewellery. This can be done with earrings or a bracelet.

A pair of earrings can help complete your wedding look. For a traditional but sexy look, consider a pair of pearl drop or dangle earrings in sterling silver or gold. Studs are also a great choice for the wedding season. Consider using some beading, such as teardrops, for a dress with more definition. If you want more movement, consider some coloured stones like sapphires.

blue dress

Be considerate of your fashion angels.

No matter what your wedding dress is made of—chiffon, silk, taffeta, satin—it needs a little extra to make it wear-worthy and look fabulous on the dance floor. Your bridesmaids will be the strongest supporters of the look of your gown throughout the day. Guess what? They’ll probably never see it again. So, it doesn’t hurt to treat your wedding dress right.

Make the accessories secure.

It’s very important to make sure not only your accessories are secure but so is the dress. Always wear your jewellery and veil when you’re outside, and ensure they don’tstay put in the right place. Also, wear a clear bra to prevent straps from showing through the dress.


You’re not just attending a wedding. You’re getting married! And what better way to show the world than with your best-fitting blue dress? This is a great opportunity to accessorize your dress and make it fit for the wedding day, but remember that you don’t apply only some of the theory at once; pick and choose as needed.